Rotary District 7030 aims to follow and uphold all visual and branding guidelines of Rotary International as it relates to the generation, use and application of all logos under its purview, including those associated with any and all of its programs, projects, initiatives, activities, committees, sub-committees, and youth organizations (i.e. Rotaract, Interact and Earlyact).
Any and all District 7030 logos and branding must abide by Rotary International and Rotary District 7030 guidelines and be sourced (and/or generated) from either the Rotary Brand Center or directly from Rotary District 7030 (below), and any and all District 7030 logos are NOT to be altered in any way where such alterations are in violation of Rotary International and/or Rotary District 7030 guidelines.
Please note that all approved District 7030 logos shown below use either the regular or simplified Mark of Excellence (i.e. Rotary wheel) and are available for download either as image files (i.e. PNG or JPG) or as vector files (i.e. PDF).
Feel free to contact the Rotary District 7030 Public Image Team for more information: 

Rotary District 7030 Logos


Rotaract District 7030 Logos


Interact District 7030 Logos


Earlyact District 7030 Logos