This section presents the various District committees which are charged with the various work of the District as it relates to the goals of Rotary International as well as to assisting clubs to achieve said objectives. There are several chairpersons who spearhead specific committee efforts by liaising directly with clubs and club leaders. Chairpersons for a particular Rotary Year are identified on the District Organization Listing.
Committees and Chairpersons are an integral part of the district leadership team, which is also made up of the district governor, district governor-elect, and assistant governors. 

Concurrently, committees should have a good communications plan that includes how and when they communicate with clubs, the district governor, assistant governors, and other district committee members. 
All district committees are expected to:
  • Work with the governor, governor-elect, governor-nominee, and assistant governors to plan strategies for achieving goals
  • Promote and attend district training meetings and the district conference
  • Relay information between Rotary International, the district, and club members
  • Work closely with club leaders to provide support and guidance
  • Share materials received from the Secretariat, RI committees, and regional coordinators
Suggested standing District committees that address ongoing functions and activities, as well as, general recommendations on district structure and operations can be found in the District Planning Guide. More information on committees, their compositions and functions may be found in the Lead Your District: Committee Chair manual