RYLA 2021 Program

Below, please find a tentative program and schedule for District 7030's RYLA 2021. Any updates and/or changes to the program shall be reflected here, so please check back frequently to have the most recent version.
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Saturday 16th January 2021

  • Environmentally Sustainable Activities...For Everyone
    • Presented By: Matt Render, Keiron Nanan and Darren Sarijoen – Rotary District 7030 Environmental Sustainability Team
    • We are all aware of the importance of the environment and the need for all of us to do our part to ensure we take care of and protect our communities, our countries and our planet. Led by the Rotary District 7030 Environmental Sustainability Team, this session will introduce individuals and groups to readily available initiatives and showcase easily accessible activities which promote and foster environmental conservation, preservation, protection and sustainability.
  • Basics of Effective Communication
    • Presented By: Garth Thomas – Toastmasters International
    • Whether at school, at work or life in general, we all eventually have to stand in front of others and speak. While the occasion in which we need to publicly speak may vary – sometimes formal like a presentation, sometimes casual like a toast – there are a common set of skills and techniques which will help you better prepare, instill confidence and deliver an address like a professional. This session will serve as an introduction to these techniques and get you started on your path to public speaking and effective communication.
  • What Does It Mean To Be A Health Advocate In The Caribbean?
    • Presented By, Danielle Walwyn, Kerrie Barker and Pierre Cooke – Health Caribbean Coalition
    • Advocacy is a powerful tool – especially for up-and-coming leaders, like you, in our Caribbean community. 
      The Caribbean is currently facing a major epidemic – childhood obesity. Currently, 1 in 3 Caribbean Children is overweight or obese; this is primarily due to the overconsumption of unhealthy food and limited physical activity. We are concerned because (i) habits developed in childhood are likely to carry over into adulthood and (ii) many more young people are developing chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes, which are linked to unhealthy weights. The thing is, young leaders, like you, can play a huge role in bringing awareness to this issue and advocating for healthier environments. Youth advocates from the Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) look forward to discussing ways that you can become health advocates within your community!
      The Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) is the only regional NCD alliance of civil society organisations in the Caribbean. The HCC has almost 100 health and non-health members represented across the region. The HCC is committed to supporting a whole-of-society (WoS) approach to the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the Caribbean. The HCC has always prioritized youth engagement; it has a Youth Technical Advisor and recently developed a youth body – The Healthy Caribbean Youth.
  • Childhood Obesity...Prevention Is Better Than Cure
    • Presented By: Rosmund Adams – Rotary District 7030 Childhood Obesity Prevention Team
    • A major regional and community issue which Rotary District 7030 shall be tackling over the next few years is the significant increase in the incidence of Childhood Obesity, which has grown at an alarming rate in the Caribbean and now poses a serious and disturbing risk to the health of an entire generation. Building on the work and success of previous undertakings over the years and to actively generate tangible and positive results through a structured and strategic plan, Rotary District 7030 has created its Childhood Obesity Prevention Program (COPP) branded as Healthy Cogs. Through focused initiatives and enabled active projects and activities within communities across the region, the Healthy Cogs program aims to not only reduce the incidence of this epidemic and many of the non-communicable diseases associated with it, but also, mitigate some of the associated risks children are exposed to as a result. This session will introduce the premise of the program and how young persons can get involved.
  • Top 10 Essential Digital Tools To Improve Productivity
    • Presented By: Louis Ramdhanie – AdmitOne Caribbean
    • In this digital age, one must be able to successfully use the tools that are available online that simplify complex tasks and increase efficiency and overall productivity. These tools are now an essential part of your arsenal as we embrace the new normal - working from home. Have you ever wondered how to share a large file that could not be e-mailed or what is the best way to host an online meeting? This session will share the answers to these questions and many more that you may have.
  • Cashflow Club – Financial Planning For Early Entrepreneurs
    • Presented By: Roger Moore – Cashflow Club Caribbean
    • Cashflow Club is a business school and support network for early entrepreneurs and investors. It's a concept from the writer of Rich Dad Poor Dad –  Robert Kiyosaki. Through an interactive approach, Cashflow Clubs are able to teach real estate investing, stock trading, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, saving, debt financing, raising capital, insurance, retirement planning, budgeting, accounting, objection handling, sales calls, cold calling, negotiation, and how to close business deals. With little-to-no real financial education throughout global school systems, Cashflow Clubs take on the task of bringing financial education to anyone who wanted it throughout the world. The mission statement of The Rich Dad Company and Cashflow Club is to elevate the financial well-being of humanity. CashFlow Club Caribbean runs one of Rich Dad's largest and most active programs in the world. With a goal is to alleviate poverty in the Caribbean by 2030, CashFlow Club Caribbean can provide young persons with the knowledge, tools and expertise to start their financial planning and make even small investment amounts increase in value and work better for individuals.
  • ReThink: Conquer Cyberbullying, Before The Damage Is Done
    • Presented By: Trisha Prabhu – ReThink
    • In this talk, hear from 20-year-old Trisha Prabhu, an anti-hate activist and Founder and CEO of ReThink, a patented, award-winning technology that encourages young people to "rethink" online hate. Trisha's session introduces the issue of cyber-bullying in the context of Trisha's journey to build a better Internet. Trisha begins by discussing cyber-bullying -- what it is, who it impacts, and why it's such an important issue. She then takes viewers through her story of developing ReThink -- from thinking of the idea, to coding an app -- at just 13 years old! Finally, she shares with viewers the power of being an Upstander, as well as tips/guidance on how to be a change-maker and better the world. In just 20 minutes, you'll leave feeling inspired!

Sunday 17th January 2021

  • Creating Peaceful Spaces
    • Presented By: Carlotta Boodie – Rotary District 7030 Peace-Building Team
    • Conflict is a normal and natural part of everyday life and it impacts all types of relationships. We each must deal with conflict in one form or another. From a simple disagreement to a full-blown argument, conflict takes many shapes and sizes. Responses to conflict varies but it may potentially evoke the strongest of emotions escalating to all forms of violence. How best we deal with conflict and resolve differences is a key factor in building and promoting peace - one of Rotary's main areas of focus across the globe. This session will help develop one's ability to understand, manage and express the social and emotional aspects of our lives in wholesome and positive ways as we learn how to create peaceful spaces to better accommodate conflict resolution and facilitate positive change and peace.
  • STEM - Education In The 21st Century
    • Presented By: Louis Ramdhanie – AdmitOne Caribbean
    • STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. The frequent and continuous advances in technology are changing the way students learn and communicate daily. STEM empowers individuals with the skills required to succeed and adapt to this ever-changing world. By merging the disciplines, STEM encourages higher levels of creativity and effectiveness when it comes to problem solving.  It is focused on encouraging thought and creativity, rather than simply replicating what is already known. The global economy is changing. Current jobs are disappearing due to automation and new jobs which require STEM skills are emerging every day because of technological advances. This session will introduce STEM-based education and the facilities available to young persons.
  • Understanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • Presented By: Nadine Pemberton – Rotarians Against Racism
    • As a global network that strives to build a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change, Rotary values diversity and celebrates the contributions of people of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. A top priority for companies and organizations around the world, including Rotary, is growing and diversifying employees, membership, customers and stakeholders to make sure the communities serve are properly reflected and are inclusive of all cultures, experiences, and identities. Want to know what Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) means; and what it means for you? Making DEI a priority is everyone's responsibility and this session will introduce young persons to how best they can accomplish such. Nadine Pemberton, Change and Inclusion Consultant and member of Rotary International's first DEI Taskforce, will take you through the basics of DEI, will let you know what Rotary International is doing for DEI and, will give you some tips on how you can be a champion for diversity and change in your own lives.
  • Rotary Interactive Quarantine - International Opportunities For Youth
    • Presented By: Anniela Carracedo, Christine Greig, Daniel Ziv and Rishabh Totaram – Rotary Interactive Quarantine
    • Rotary Interactive Quarantine (RIQ) is multi–continental platform hosted by Rotary District 6840 in the United States of America. On this platform, Rotary Youth around the world can share their experiences during quarantine and inspire others with project ideas during isolation. RIQ is connecting youth, sharing cultures, and opening new collaborative opportunities for international service projects. 
  • How To Build Your Personal (Social) Brand
    • Presented By: Bernadette Chin Lee – WSI International
    • We hear the adage “Observe what 95% of your peers are doing AND do the exact opposite!” Yet, we naturally jump into the fray by copying, mirroring, and, in fact, seeking to beat others at their game by trying to do what they are already doing...but "better". Guilty of this? We all may be. However, there are a few tricks to keep the blinders on at the right time and how to find and define “Who Am I in the CyberWorld”. If you are on a quest to climb your corporate career ladder… this session is for you. It will lean more towards an interactive workshop facilitating questions and participation. In this short, but packed session, you will learn: 1) The Philosophy to Discover Your Unique CyberSelf; 2) How to Avoid the “Mirror Blackhole”; 3) Networking Do’s and Don'ts; 4) How to Develop Your Personal Brand; and 5) How to Gamify Your Way To Your Next Hire. By implementing what is shared in this session, you will build a valuable social network.
  • Journey To Interact
    • Presented By: Sean Nelson & Zachary Phillips Rotaract
    • This session will address the mission, opportunities and benefits of Interact - one of Rotary's main Youth Service Programs. This session will not only touch on what an Interact club can offer young persons, but also, how it provides them with a vehicle for service and getting involved with their community. Whether currently involved in Interact or not, participants will get a better sense of what an Interact club is, how it should operate, what it can do, and, how best to get involved.
  • Project Management In A Nutshell
    • Presented By: Colin John Jenkins – CJC and Associates 
    • Our world's future is in the hands of the next generation. They face enormous problems that can only be solved through effective, global, human collaboration and innovation. Problems such as global warming, war, natural disasters, disease, poverty, and famine are not isolated to any one country or region. They are not caused by any one country or region. And these problems cannot be solved by those who created them. Paraphrasing Albert Einstein: unless there is a change of consciousness, followed by action now, instead of waiting for our youth to grow up and deal with them. Project management practitioners and chapters are uniquely experienced to help mentor the next generation, to equip them with the skills and tools to effectively collaborate and achieve project success in solving many such problem we face. 
  • Rotary Opens Opportunities...For Youth
    • Presented By: Jeffry Cadorette – Rotary District 7450 
    • To wrap up RYLA 2021, this closing session focuses on the variety of opportunities available to youth via Rotary. While many of the RYLA 2021 participants may already be part of the Rotary family (i.e. Rotaractors and Interactors), RYLA 2021 also aims to have those outside the Rotary family in attendance. This mix of participants would mean that the full scope of Rotary's youth programs and initiatives may be presented and showcased as familiarity with such will vary from some to none. This session will not only present an overview on opportunities and benefits available from programs such as Rotaract, Interact, RYE, NGSE, Fellowships, Scholarships, etc., but also, how Rotary presents a vehicle for service to youth, as well as, what Rotary clubs themselves and becoming a Rotarian can offer young persons.

RYLA 2021 Speakers

Anniela Carracedo – Rotary Interactive Quarantine
Anniela Carracedo, aka Anni, is from Venezuela, and is the Founder and executive chair 2020/21 of Rotary Interactive Quarantine. Anni was a youth exchange student 2019-2020 in Mississippi, Rotary District 6840, where she's currently District Interact Representative and member of the Rotary Club of Bay St Louis.
Bernadette Chin Lee – WSI International

Bernadette is the wife of Christopher Chin Lee - Past President of the Rotary Club Port of Spain (1999-2000) and daughter-in-law of Anna Chin Lee - Past President and Founding Member of the Rotary Club of Maraval. Chris and Bernadette have 7 wonderful children and had the great pleasure of them teaching her the psychology of persuasion. Upon certification by WSI International as a Digital Marketing Agency, Bernadette began her professional career in 2010 and is most proud in her life as a Digital Marketing Strategist. Bernadette mostly enjoys Social Media Marketing, Blogging/Content Creation, and Search Engine Optimization - all of which are services that depend on the Art of Conversion. Without the Art of Conversion no one will engage, react, or buy from you. Bernadette's main focus is to help business owners and entrepreneurs use systems and tools to grow their network and generate better brands, better success and better profits.
Carlotta Boodie – Rotary District 7030 Peace-Building Team
Carlotta Boodie is the Charter President of the Rotary Club of Stabroek, Georgetown. She is a Clinical Psychologist who is passionate about educating and advocating for survivors of gender-based violence. In recent years, Carlotta has provided a comprehensive trauma-informed response for justice involved female and female identified and teenaged survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. Carlotta holds a graduate degree in Psychology from the University of the Virgin Islands. As a Psychotherapist, she provides trauma informed care to various populations including for survivors of gender-based violence, couples, and at-risk youths using a multimodal approach that draws from varying kinds of interventions to respond to the negative sequelae of chronic trauma. Carlota is a woman of faith who works extensively with communities of faith to raise awareness and educate the leadership on the complexity of intimate partner violence and to equip them with the relevant tools for effective response to victims. She is the mother of two handsome and amazing young men, Raphael and Jevon.  As a woman in ministry who survived intimate partner violence, she uses her voice and gifting to advocate and empower women of faith who are survivors of intimate partner violence.
Christine Greig – Rotary Interactive Quarantine

Christine Greig is from Cape Town, South Africa, and serves as Marketing and Communications Chair of Rotary Interactive Quarantine. She is the Immediate Past President of her school's Interact Club and current Head Girl.
Colin John Jenkins – CJC & Associates

Colin is from St. John’s, Antigua. After completing secondary school he spent 3 years in the Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force graduating Best Military Knowledge and Best Military Recruit. After serving his country both locally and regionally, he studied Architecture in Cuba for the next 6 years. Today, He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, with First Class Honours, in Architecture; a Masters with Distinction in Project Management in Construction and Infrastructure Management from the University of Liverpool and is an USGBC (LEED) Accredited Professional accreditation. Colin has served as the Vice President of Antigua and Barbuda Institute of Architects, Chairman of the Architect Registration Board and Chairman of the Environmental Management Technical Committee in the Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards. Colin, his brother Jerome and sister in Law Connie, created a local company called CJC + Associates Inc. focused on entrepreneurial consultancy for the building industry. Last year, Colin became the first persons in the entire Caribbean to be award with the WELL Accredited Professional Accreditation from the International Well Building Institute in the United States. Colin also co-founded Antigua’s first Think Tank called the Antigua and Barbuda Council on Sustainable Development which is responsible for two pieces of research focused on Youth Career Selection and Divorce in Antigua and Barbuda. Colin spends much of his free time rallying partners and friends to participate in charity work living by a motto: daring to be different, striving to be better.
Daniel Ziv – Rotary Interactive Quarantine

Daniel Ziv is from Israel and he serves as Chair of the Zone Coordinators Committee of Rotary Interactive Quarantine.
He's Past President of the Interact Club of Amitim Nahariya, Rotary District 2490.
Danielle Walwyn – Healthy Caribbean Coalition

Danielle Walwyn is the Advocacy Officer (Childhood Obesity Prevention Project) at the Healthy Caribbean Coalition. She is a certified fitness instructor and health advocate. She is fortunate to work alongside other passionate youth advocates through Healthy Caribbean youth, the youth body of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, and the Barbados Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition, advocating for healthy school environments. Danielle has a Master of Science degree in Health Promotion with a specialization in physical activity and is keen on understanding innovative ways to bring awareness to the holistic benefits of physical activity and to make it more fun and accessible to all because every move counts. Danielle is also looking forward to becoming a formal member of Rotaract Club of Barbados next year.
Garth Thomas – Toastmasters International

Garth has been involved in the field of training since 1972 in his capacity as the executive director of the Trinidad and Tobago Youth For Christ organisation. He subsequently embarked on a career in sales where he found abundant opportunity to expand his experience as a trainer from 1976 onward. He distinguished himself in the field of sales having won numerous company and industry awards both locally and regionally. Garth has also developed a number of training programs in the area of sales, personal financial planning, customer relations, presentation skills and team building, marketed through his own company Comprehensive Planners and Associates Ltd. He is a member of the International Forum for Social Innovation based in Paris and a graduate of the Leadership, Encounters and Transformation conferences, as well as, a member of the Association for Experiential Education. Garth is also a member of  the Dynamic Speakers Toastmasters Club. He has been an Area Governor, a club coach and past president of his club leading it to ‘Presidents Distinguished Club’ status on two occasions and holds the designations Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG) and Competent Leader (CL). He has been a regular presenter at the Toastmasters International District 81 Conference in the Caribbean over the last four years. Garth is a believer in the awesomeness of the human potential, he sees himself as a human ‘becoming’ and his life mission is to become the best he can be by helping others to become the best they can be.
Kerrie Barker – Healthy Caribbean Coalition

Kerrie Barker is a member of the Rotaract Club of South Barbados and a former member of the Queen's College Interact Club. She joined the Healthy Caribbean Coalition in 2019 as part of the Childhood Obesity Prevention Project and is also a member of Healthy Caribbean Youth. Kerrie is passionate about health, education and the environment. She enjoys working with children and young people in her community. Outside of these activities, Kerrie can likely be found at the beach or pool or spending time with family and friends.
Louis R. Ramdhanie – AdmitOne Caribbean

Louis R. Ramdhanie is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of AdmitOne Caribbean, a technology company specialising in providing event management solutions, as well as, a wide range of custom hardware and software services. These range from App development to social media management to 3D printing and animatronics. Louis holds a BSc in Computing and Information Systems from the University of London and is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Louis has over twenty (20) years’ experience in the education field having lectured at both the secondary and tertiary levels in the field of Computing and Information Systems. He is the Vice-President of Membership for the St. Mary's College Past Students' Union and also serves as a Director for Community Chest Ltd. Trinidad and Tobago - a Non-Profit Organisation dedicated to helping children with various medical problems.
Nadine Pemberton – Rotarians Against Racism

Nadine Pemberton is a Lawyer and the Managing Director of Pemberton+ Coaching & Consulting, where she uses her expertise in regulation and governance, diversity and inclusion and as a life, leadership, and career development coach. Nadine has been a Rotarian since 2012 and is formerly an Assistant Governor in District 1220 (East Midlands & South Yorkshire) and District 1130 (Rotary in London), as well as, a Past President of the Westminster International Rotary Club in London, England. Having qualified as a lawyer in 2003 and worked in UK government bodies for over 16 years in roles ranging from Senior Prosecutor to Executive Director of Legal, Nadine has extensive experience in front line, senior, and executive leadership roles spanning regulatory, criminal, and civil fields. 
Throughout her career, Nadine has specialised in strategic organisational development, team change and transformation; and, has a well-established and proven commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all areas of her work. Nadine is a Trustee Board Member & Head of the Diversity Committee for Friends of Dorothy – a UK charity focused on combating social isolation and loneliness in older LGBT+ people. In May 2020, Nadine founded Rotarians against Racism; a global community of Rotary family, friends, and supporters, all committed to being a voice for peace in the fight against racism; and in September 2020, Nadine was appointed to the first Rotary International Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Taskforce, responsible for putting together a plan to assess the state of DEI in Rotary and amongst its 1.2 million members.
Pierre Cooke Jr – Healthy Caribbean Coalition

Pierre Cooke Jr. is the Youth Technical Advisor at the Healthy Caribbean Coalition and is one of the leading youth and health advocates in Barbados and the Caribbean region. He is in his first year of law school and is working towards becoming a game changer in the field of international policy. He also interns with Attorney-at-Law, Faith Marshall- Harris, Barbados’ Children’s Rights Champion and a member of United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. For the past 6 years, he has been actively engaged in youth advocacy as a member of various youth groups including the Barbados National Youth Parliament. Pierre has represented the youth on many platforms to share their perspectives and opinions on matters concerning NCDs. His work has been recognised by both local and international organisations as he presented at various UNICEF Activate Talks sessions and represented Barbados at the Global NCD Forum on Children and Youth in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. He is also a member of the Youth Coalition against NCD’s in Barbados. Even at his age, Pierre has been a champion and emerging global leader and continues to lead the fight against NCDs and challenges affecting youth in his region.
Rishabh Totaram – Rotary Interactive Quarantine

Rishabh Totaram is from Mauritius and serves as Secretary of Rotary Interactive Quarantine. Rishabh is an Interactor and served as Secretary of the Interact Club Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Rotary District D9220 in 2019.
Roger Moore – Cashflow Club Caribbean
Roger Moore is a social entrepreneur, national athlete, financial trainer, sales trainer, science teacher, real estate broker, health advocate and currently runs one of the Rich Dad's largest and most active Cashflow Club programs in the world. Cashflow Club uses an interactive approach to teach Finance and Sales and Roger has taught the program to thousands of people over the past 15 years. Roger is also a franchisee for the Mad Science program in the Caribbean which uses an interactive approach to teach Science and Engineering to kids and which has recently acquired a training program from NASA to help produce the next generation of astronauts, aerospace engineers and rocket scientists. Roger is also a Real Estate broker with the RE/MAX Real Estate Group – the world's top real estate sales franchise – and his brokerage is already the largest in Trinidad and Tobago. Roger's personal life mission is to help end poverty.
Rosmund Adams – Rotary District 7030 Childhood Obesity Prevention Team
Dr. Rosmond Adams is a Vincentian National. He is a Medical Doctor by training and holds Master of Science degrees in both Public Health and Bioethics. He is a public health specialist with over ten years of experience in the health sector both at the national and regional levels in the areas of surveillance, communicable diseases, emergency response and health security. Dr. Adams began his public health career as the Coordinator of the Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) programme in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He then served as the National Epidemiologist where his work focused on strengthening public health surveillance and strategic information to guide health policy, programmes and action. Dr. Adams served as the Head of Health Information, Communicable Diseases and Emergency Response at the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) where he led on the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Caribbean Regional Health Security Strategy as a common strategic framework for the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Member States to strengthen their capacity to manage and respond to emerging disease threats and other public health emergencies. Dr. Adams is currently the Director of the Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP), the regional coordination mechanism that provides a structured and unified approach to the Caribbean’s response to the HIV epidemic. He is also the President of the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation (CFPA). He is also a former Rotaractor and currently is a Rotarian.
Jeffry Cadorette – Rotary District 7450

PRID Jeffry Cadorette is Associate Broker, Commercial Realtor, and Senior Advisor to the Commercial Division at Media Real Estate Company. He received a bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Master’s Degree in Education from Springfield College and a post graduate degree in physical therapy from the University of Pennsylvania. He served on the Board of Directors of the Rocky Run YMCA for 14 years. He is a past Board member of the Philadelphia Freedom Valley Y and a past member of the Board of Trustees of Springfield College in Massachusetts and has been named Volunteer of the Year twice by both Rocky Run Y and Springfield College. A Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Media, PA since 1977, Jeff served as Governor of District 7450 in 1998-1999. In September of 2016 he was the selection of Zones 24/32 Nominating Committee for Director to serve on the Rotary International Board of Directors in 2018-2020. He is a past General Coordinator worldwide of Rotary Foundation Alumni Coordinators and was a delegate to the Rotary International 2004 and 2007 Council on Legislation in Chicago. He has represented the President of Rotary International at 15 District Conferences across the USA and in Canada and has been the keynote and motivational speaker at numerous district conferences, Rotary Foundation dinners, Rotary workshops and seminars around North America.  
In 2010 and 2011 he served as one of 40 International Training Leaders at the Rotary International Assembly in San Diego. In 2015 and 2016, he served as one of two Seminar Leaders at the International Assembly in San Diego who train the 40 International Training Leaders who then in turn train the 547 incoming District Governors for the upcoming Rotary year. He is currently Chair of the RI Communications Committee, an Advisor to the Shaping Rotary’s Future Committee, and Chair of the Pandemic Response Task Force from April-October 2020. He is a Charter Member of the District 7450 Paul Harris Fellow Society and a Rotary Foundation Major Donor.  In addition to a cadre of prestigious awards, in 2001, Jeff was the recipient of the Rotary International Service Above Self Award, Rotary International’s highest honor for individual Rotarians. And in 2006 he received Th Distinguished Service Award, the Rotary Foundation’s highest distinction.
Sean Nelson – Rotaract Club of New Kingston

Mr. Sean Nelson’s Rotary journey started in high school where he was the Vice-President of the Calabar High School Interact Club. He then matriculated to the Rotaract Club of the University of the West Indies where he was the Sargent-at-Arms. He is now the current Vice-President of the New Kingston Rotaract Club and previously the Professional Development Director, where he won Director of the Year for the year 2019-2020. Sean has a real passion for people and service. He believes in accepting people for who they are and that we should all have tolerance. He believes in making each moment fun and tries to bring forth the best in those around him. He sees himself as a planner and a person who thinks quickly on his feet. His friends describe him as passionate, caring, intelligent, hardworking, dedicated and fun; just to name a few.
Zachary Phillips – Rotaract Club of Antigua

Zachary A.R. Phillips is a 27-year-old Attorney-at-Law who was born and raised in Antigua but have family members that stretch across the Caribbean and thinks of himself as a Caribbean man.
Zachary is a former member of the Antigua State College Interact Club and is now a prospective member of the Rotaract Club of Antigua.
His passions include dancing, being outgoing and enjoying Caribbean culture in all aspects.
Matthew Render – Rotary District 7030 Environmental Sustainability Team

Matt Render was born and raised in the UK, and relocated to Saint Lucia in 2004. He was inducted into the Rotary Club of Saint Lucia South the same year, and subsequently transferred to the Rotary Club of Gros Islet when work took him to the other end of the island. He joined the board as Secretary in 2006 and served two terms as President, first in 2008-9, and then again in 2012-13. He joined the District team in 2020 as Environmental Sustainability Chair. Matt has has worked in the retail industry for around 25 years, most notably with the Unicomer Group (parent company of Courts), where he started with responsibility for business development in the Eastern Caribbean, before becoming Country Manager for Saint Lucia, and subsequently rolling out the Courts Optical brand across the region. He continues to work with the organisation as a consultant, providing support for special projects within the Optical division. Matt also owns and operates a digital marketing agency, Mosaic, with clients in most of the Caribbean markets, as well as the US, Canada, UK, and as far afield as Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Angola. In the last couple of years, Matt has shifted his attention to the environment – he completed his MBA with a focus on sustainability and communications and he is certified in sustainability reporting by the GRI, and in sustainable tourism by the GSTC, and he is now provide consulting services to small and medium businesses across the region.
Kieron Nanan – Rotary District 7030 Environmental Sustainability Team

Keiron Nanan is a young professional, who is a member of the Rotary Club of Chaguanas. He has been a member of the Rotary Family for more than 12 years and has moved from Rotaract into Rotary. In his professional career, Keiron wears many hats, but his main portfolios currently include Region 12 Program Director- ASHRAE and Director at Temp Tec Limited. He also provides services as an Energy Modeler to Cyprex Holdings LLC and is awaiting his LEED Green Associate examinations. Keiron has a passion for the environment and for combating climate change.
Darren Sarijoen – Rotary District 7030 Environmental Sustainability Team
Darren Sarijoen is a young active citizen with a zest for life, a passion for travelling and a desire to change the world. As a person of faith, it is his desire to live his life with love and respect for God and His creation. This personal conviction has led him to be a soft, but clear, voice for environmental sustainability in his immediate surroundings and community. As a Food Technology student, it is his goal to develop, implement and promote sustainable food systems in local communities across his home country of Suriname. Through the Rotaract Club of F.R.E.S.H., Darren has been a member of the Rotary family since 2018 and has served on club level in the capacity of Fundraising Director and Vice President. He currently serves as President and has made Environmental Sustainability a top priority for his club.
Trisha Prabhu – ReThink
Trisha Prabhu is the 20-year-old Founder & CEO of ReThink™, a patented app tackling cyberbullying. She is also an undergraduate student at Harvard University. The ReThink app stops cyberbullying, before the damage is done. Operating as a keyboard on mobile devices, ReThink detects offensive messages, and gives users a chance to “ReThink” sending them. Trisha’s research -- which she conducted at just 13 years old -- finds that over 93% of the time, ReThink works. Today, ReThink has impacted 5 million students, and been introduced to 134 countries through the U.S. State Department. For her work with ReThink, Trisha was named a Google Science Fair Global Finalist, and selected to present ReThink at The White House. She is also the humbled recipient of many awards; among them, the WebMD Health Hero Prodigy Award. And in the business world, Trisha has made waves — as a contestant on ABC’s Shark Tank, and as the winner of Harvard University's President's Innovation Challenge. In 2021, she was the youngest honoree named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Impact list. Trisha has delivered 50+ talks in 30 cities about the power of “ReThinking.” 
Outside of ReThink, Trisha volunteers her time teaching women to code at Girls Who Code, and leading SoGal Boston, a chapter of the SoGal movement.
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Programme de RYLA 2021

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